Key characteristics of the 'collect' phase


TARGETING - First timers and the unaware

IS ABOUT - Branding, awareness, reach and identifying customer problems

GOALS - Customer acquisition and grow custom audiences


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Collect leads

Target, attract & capture leads via customer acquisition strategy

It's getting harder and harder to get noticed in this clutter-filled world. Attempting to reach everybody with your product or service is not only inefficient, it can also be very expensive! That's why it's important to narrowly define your target customer and meet them where they reside. 

Once you know who your target customers are you need to work out where they are most likely to come into contact with your brand and be most receptive to your messaging - both online and offline. What social media channels do they use, what events do they attend etc. After you work out where they are you need to start engaging with them in an authentic, helpful and personable way. This is where lead magnets such as videos, reports and webinars come into play.

Having attracted potential customers, you don't want to let them get away and forget about you. You need to "own" the customer relationship so you can continue to nurture leads who haven't yet been ready to purchase from you. This is where supplying them with something of value in exchange for their contact information is key. Think about free trials, educational material and coupons for a start. This part of the process is also about building trust, credibility and awareness of your brand.


Openside Digital can help guide you through the myriad of options available within the 'Collect Leads' phase including the best tactics and tools such as CRM solutions that will help supercharge this part of the customer lifecycle.