Convert leads into customers

How to engage leads and what to offer them

Consumers will only pay attention to you when they are motivated to do so. The best way to gain their attention is through interaction and education. You have gained an understanding of your target market. Now it's time to create content that is relevant to them. As you build out your content strategy, consider how your message serves your target customer's basic psychological or self-fulfillment needs. Then, build foundational content on your website, blogs, social networks or other communication channels that addresses those needs.

The next element is to ensure you make the right offer at the right time. To do that it's important to understand your target customer's buying process - the journey a customer goes through before they decide to buy (or not buy) from you.

The best way to do this is by observing past consumer actions and creating a buying process map. Then match your sales process to their buying process. You want to optimise your resources so you spend your limited time with consumers who are qualified. This is where lead scoring can be used to track your prospect's action and behaviors so you can determine their varying levels of interest in your product or service. This will endure you spend your limited time on those prospects who are most likely to convert.

Key characteristics of the 'convert' phase


TARGETING - Custom audiences

IS ABOUT - Lead conversion, engagement & scaling

GOALS - Initiate sales process


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