Creating a loyal customer

OVER-DELIVER value and IMPRESS to drive customer loyalty

Now it's time to blow your customer's minds by delivering more than you promised. While it might seem obvious, it is often overlooked.

Think about the last time you did business with a company and were completely impressed. You probably bought off them again and told your friends while you were at it. Impressing your customers involves going the extra mile , creating a memorable, delightful experience that will create customers for life. 

Satisfy your customers by providing them with the the product or service they paid for in a timely fashion before going the extra mile to wow them by going above and beyond their expectations and providing additional value. 

Key characteristics of the 'create loyalty' phase

AUDIENCE - Boiling

TARGETING - Existing customers

IS ABOUT - Delivering value, exceeding expectations and making the customer feel special

GOALS - Referrals, repeat business and recurring revenue


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