CRM implementation tailored to your business

Being fully independent, Openside Digital focus on helping you choose and implement the best CRM for your business. Based on your needs, not our capability

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Let us guide you with a proven CRM implementation process

  1. Ensure your key stakeholders are on board - this is essential!

  2. Define your needs and map your processes. Consider your long term goals

  3. Establish data migration requirements and any other essential elements

  4. Do you require integration into other systems within your business?

  5. Establish which CRM is best for you

  6. Start with small chunks of work and continue to get feedback from key stakeholders

  7. Training and support

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A good CRM should put the customer at the center of your business. The ability to collect and process all customer data through a single platform that connects the entire organisation is critical to sales and high-level customer experience.


Lets talk!

Depending on your requirements, implementing a CRM could be more affordable than you think! Contact us to discuss.