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The 3 Min Digital Hit - 21 Jan, 2021

Updated: May 2, 2022

FACT - People are now spending more hours per month on Tiktok than on FB! 1.2 billion monthly active users. Its ad platform is only available in 19 countries at this stage but keep an eye on it if / when it becomes available in your country!

INTERESTING - Youtube is expanding its product tagging tests – allow you to high specific products in your videos which can then link through to an ecommerce page. Keep an eye out for this to expand in a broader shift to ecommerce for almost all social media platforms.

HOW WILL IT AFFECT YOU? Hello to Apple’s new third party cookie policy changes allowing people to easily opt out of mobile apps that want to track you. Think Facebook and any type of ad targeting they offer – it’s that big! The ability to re-target, build custom audiences etc from people on an iOS device will disappear.

While the ability to restrict this has always been within Apple’s settings, it’s moving from a toggle buried in settings to a pop-up window right in your face. People will be far more aware of the techniques third parties have been using and probably won’t like it!

What percentage of people decide to restrict tracking will be interesting but we bet it will be big! This issue will only increase with broader phasing out of third party cookies across other browsers such as Chrome.

And the result will likely be – You will not see less ads, but less relevant ads.

Takeout – review your first party data (where you get people to provide certain details directly to you - think online competitions etc) building techniques as they will become more valuable than ever for your digital marketing efforts!

IS THIS WHERE THEY’RE GOING? Announced at the end of 2020 - Facebook just made one of their biggest acquisitions (USD 1 Billion) after WhatsApp, Instagram and Oculus – it’s called Kustomer -

With competition heating up Facebook have to keep iterating and offer more real business products. This seems like a descent step into the business tools market in an effort to have a wider variety of income streams. They did a something similar with Facebook Workplace which they now make people pay for (it used to be free). It will no doubt be another great way for Facebook to start gathering more info about you, your business and those you interact with.

FUN THING TO CHECK OUT – E.GG – an experimental collage making app – a magazine style free form creation app. Brought to you by Facebook, it targets the younger demographic after FB reported a two million decline in young daily FB users in north America.

NEW CHANGES TO FACEBOOK PAGES – rolled out on Jan 6. FB to get rid of the ‘like’ button on pages and focusing on followers. Seems logical? This will roll out over the next six months – it’s currently optional at this stage. IMPORTANT NOTE. If someone ‘likes’ your page but has not followed it, they will disappear if you decide to move to the new experience. So be careful if you decide to switch!



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