WEBINAR REGISTRATION - The new Privacy Act 2020 – what you need to know

The new Privacy Act 2020 comes into force on 1 December 2020. In addition to new reporting obligations and notification requirements for privacy breaches, the Act contains several significant changes to New Zealand’s privacy law. Businesses and organisations need to be preparing for these changes.

View the replay of the "what you need to know" session with Guy Smith, Senior Associate at Duncan Cotterill. One of Guy's specialties is privacy and consumer law, with a particular interest in digital and data. He is the perfect person to provide great advice on the new Privacy Act and answer any questions you might have.

DURATION : 33 mins. 


About Guy Smith


Guy Smith is a senior associate at national law firm Duncan Cotterill. 

Guy’s practice focuses on the technology sector, including data protection and exploitation. Guy advises both public and private sector clients on privacy law compliance, undertakes privacy impact assessments, and assists with responses to data breaches and investigations. 

Guy also has a background in amateur sport governance, which helps in his understanding of the Privacy Act 2020 and its practical impact on sporting organisations.  


About Openside Digital


Openside Digital is a new venture lead by David Barton-Ginger who was in charge of digital for the All Blacks for over 16 years. He took allblacks.com to over 40 million page impressions a year, social media channels to over 13 million followers and the Team All Blacks membership program to almost one million members. 


With a huge knowledge in digital marketing, content and tech his sole purpose now is to optimise the process of connecting you with your target audience and turning them into loyal return-customers, as efficiently as possible. 


Tools Openside Digital specialise in include : CRM, lead scoring, lead generation and optimisation, search engine marketing (Google), content strategy and production (video and written), e-commerce and loyalty programs. 


If you feel you need an extra set of experienced hands to help you be match-fit for the upcoming Privacy Act changes, book a free 30 minute session here to discuss your situation and come up with a plan.