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20 years of website building experience means Openside Digital knows what you need to make your business website stand out. Whether you need a new website or just an upgrade, we can help you with the ever-growing functionality that a Wix website can offer.


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the earth

Wix is used by over 100 million people across 190 different countries. With hundreds of customisable templates to choose from, ongoing improvements in platform functionality and rock solid, affordable hosting - you get the best value for money and the #1 website building platform in the world.


No matter what your niche is, you’ll find Wix templates, tools and apps to match. 

Prices range from $2,000 - $20,000 based on your requirements but are usually in the $2,500 - $5,000 range.


When looking to scale your business website Wix has more than enough about it to scale with you

Unless your business website is going to quickly become a global ecommerce powerhouse, Wix will have more than enough features to scale with you. Wix’s developers are constantly improving the platform, and it keeps pace with almost every need.

Wix’s app market is great, and is always releasing new, exciting add-ons that will enhance its websites – either in terms of the functions it can perform, or the quality of existing ones.

However, if you do need a large powerful ecommerce site, try a platform such as Shopify.

Looking to build in something other than Wix? We have a lot of experience with that too!

If you feel the need, we also build using other platforms such as WordPress, Shopify and Silver Stripe


As can be seen on our show reel above, we have built many sites on these platforms. When your requirements are simply too big for Wix we can help with large, more complex sites - just take a look at


Mobile Optimised

Every new website is created to be viewed on mobile as well as desktop

App Market

Wix App Market contains hundreds of third-party site features that make your website do more, better.

Security & Backups

All Wix websites come with built-in SSL security certificates. 


Multiple versions of your website will also be backed up, so you can restore your website to a previous point.

Built in Analytics

Understand your customers and their interactions with your site through Wix and / or Google Analytics.

Social Connections

Easily connect your social media accounts to increase engagement

Marketing Tools

Helps you connect with customers, automate your workflow, and promote your business.

Live chat, Automations, 
Email marketing, Social media posts, SEO


We use a number of integrations with other online tools to power your business.


Wix is one of the best website builders at helping you rank highly on Google

Built in functionality

Bookings, Events, Memberships, Blog, Forms, Online Stores

Wix features we use to make your website sing

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Wix platform + Openside Digital custom design

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