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Hubspot Implementation Experts

Openside Digital - Hubspot Gold Implementation  Partner

Openside Digital is a Hubspot Gold implementation partner. We get that because we are (exceptionally) good at what we do.

  • Free 'is it right for us' discovery sessions

  • Setup and onboarding

  • Business process mapping and optimization

  • Digital marketing enablement

  • Lead generation optimization 

  • Hubspot overhauls (we fix bad installs) 

  • Sales automation

  • Customer servicing enhancement

  • The average CRM user adoption among sales reps is 73% and the average ROI period is 13 months.

  • 91% of businesses with more than 11 employees already use a CRM.

  • A CRM can help you increase sales by up to 30%.

  • CRMs help you improve customer retention and satisfaction rates. 

  • CRMs improve data accessibility which shortens your sales cycle

Get in touch for a no-obligation chat, or book a free whiteboard session to map out if and how your business could benefit from implementing Hubspot.  

What is Hubspot?

Having worked with many CRMs and automated marketing platforms we found ourselves continuing to come back to Hubspot - mainly at the request of our clients!


Hubspot is a US$25Billion company that spends over US$200Mil a year on R&D. While other well-known CRMs have bought out companies to plug technology gaps, Hubspot has focused on building one unified platform - ensuring there is one version of the truth that sits behind multiple pieces of functionality - creating a streamlined tech stack that maximizes efficiency in a single shared platform. It is quick to implement, intuitive as it is powerful.  

Hubspot is also all about growth. Everything it does is built to help you drive more leads, scale your sales through automating sales processes, and drive more value from existing customers through an ever-developing service offering.

Gibson Sheat Ad

Automated Marketing,
Sales Automation and Service

Required a digital marketing system to drive lead acquisition, improve client conversions and drive increased client interaction for better cross-selling.

Implemented Hubspot Marketing, Sales and Service Hubs.  

30% increase in campaign based lead generation. Business process improvements and increase in cross-selling to current clients. Has also allowed for native integrations with pre-existing digital tools.  

CASE STUDY | Gibson Sheat Lawyers

Hubspot Components at a Glance


Hubspot CRM

Firstly, HubSpot provides a free CRM with the ability to store over 13 Million contacts (people). The only costs associated with this part of the system occur around data migration and technology integration with existing systems.


Marketing Hub

Helps you to attract visitors and convert leads. This includes great functionality to manage a variety of tasks on one platform, including email marketing, paid advertising, social media marketing, SEO, blogging and content creation, target audience segmentation, marketing automation and extensive reporting.

Sales Hub 

Empowers you to nurture prospects and close deals. It automates the sales process to create efficiencies and identify bottlenecks and sweet spots. 

Service Hub 

Allows you to provide great experiences to existing clients.  Easily deploy customer satisfaction and NPS surveys, run live chat and bots for 24-7 service and build a knowledge base - all of which are tied into the client contact record. By knowing your clients better you can begin to exceed their expectations.

Hubspot CMS 

Has also been added to the mix and recently developed to become a powerful piece of the Hubspot Stack. It enhances many of the tools offered within the Hubspot platform to better drive conversions and growth. 

With so many tools on offer for marketers to choose from, it can be tough to decide what to use. In order to get the best prices it is easy to end up with a variety of tools that might work well independently, but not as a cohesive set. This can lead to replicated or scattered customer data, disjointed marketing, and more time thinking about technology, rather than focusing on targeting prospective customers or clients with the right content and offers.

The (free) Hubspot CRM 
Over 20 different features available with every HubSpot package.

​With so many features available within the free Hubspot CRM we thought we'd run through some of the key ones for you...

Hubspot Contacts, Companies and Deals

Hubspot not only allows you to build a single view of each customer, it connects contacts to associated companies so details are easily viewed within a single area. Multiple contacts can be associated to a specific company. You can also run automations based on contact or company interactions and easily manage their data. 

Hubspot single view of a customer

'Deals' are the business opportunities associated with each contact or company that can be intuitively managed and tracked for insights by your sales and management teams.

Hubspot deal board

Hubspot email integration and handy communication tools

Gmail and Outlook integration 

It's super easy to connect your HubSpot users to their Gmail or Outlook inboxes. This opens up a raft of time-saving tools that can be used to connect and interact with prospects and customers. 

Email tracking and notifications

A really handy feature is being able to receive real-time notifications when emails are opened or clicked and attachments viewed. As a sales person, this gives you the perfect insight on when it is a good time to follow up an email.

Email templates

Save and reuse your best performing emails, and share them with your team for a faster and more consistent way to communicate.

Canned snippets

Create a bank of reusable answers for prospects' most frequently asked questions. Quickly add them to live chats or emails to save time and give faster responses.


Build a library of sales documents that you can easily share with leads. Get insight into when and where they are most engaged.

Meeting scheduling

Share a link with customers that lets them see when you're free and can book meetings with you, cutting out those tedious 'what time works best for you' emails.

Messenger integration

Automatically capture contact information, have two-way communications with your audience, create chatbots, and report on chat volume through Facebook Messenger.


Easily create forms to gather important information about your visitors and create 'leads' which you can start to qualify.


Log customer issues as tickets. You can then organise these in one place in order to identify and track trends over time. You can automate many of the tasks associated with tickets such as assigned them to team members. 


Call prospects through VOIP from inside your HubSpot account. Calls can be recorded and auto-logged on the contact record for future reference.



Hubspot tracking capability

Contact and company activity tracking

You can store, track, manage, and report on all tasks and activities that make up your relationships with customers. These include emails, phone calls, tasks and general notes which are all stored in one central location for each contact or company and can be viewed on-the-go via the Hubspot app which is specific to your business. 

Website activity tracking

With Hubspot code sitting on your website, you can get track everything your contacts are doing. You can see which pages they visit, which forms they submit and what content they are interacting with. You can then use this information in conjunction with Hubspot's ad management tools to create custom audiences and re-targeting ads to "warm" audiences,

Prospects tool

The prospects tool uses the HubSpot tracking code to detect the IP address for each page view. It then surfaces publicly available information about the company associated with the visitor's IP address so you can learn more about the visitors to your site.



Other great Hubspot tools

Hubspot App and Asset Marketplaces

Connect to hundreds of third party apps via native integrations or download themes, modules and templates for website pages, landing pages, email templates, webinars etc. 

Customisable Reporting Dashboards

Organise all your related reports into a customised dashboards. These could be for specific areas of the business, specific roles, and management. Dashboards can be shared or kept for personal use. 


Hubspot Inbound Marketing Generating leads with Marketing Hub

Hubspot Marketing Tools

Hubpot's marketing offering - "Marketing Hub", provides all the marketing tools you will ever need, and houses your data on one highly intuitive, powerful platform. These include:

Landing pages

Critical to any marketing strategy. Hubspot allows landing pages to be created super easily, without any need for designers or developers. This saves a lot of time and money!

List Segmentation (targeted lists)

Hubspot allows you to created an unrestricted number of lists (segmented groups), filled with contacts who meet certain criteria you have pre-specified. You can set-and-forget as the 'active' lists grow based on your settings. These settings can be based on actions such as email interactions, website pages views, lead scoring, form completions, and just about any other activity you can think of. These segmented lists can then be used to target people with highly relevant content.


No need for you to go and find a separate email marketing platform - Hubspot has a feature rich email system. Target your segmented lists with highly personalised emails, utilising templates you have designed, or bought via the large selection of templates available on the Hubspot platform. 

Marketing Automation

Known as workflows in Hubspot, or Journeys in some other systems, Hubspot provides a fantastic tool to enable you to automate tasks such as adding prospects to certain lists when they complete a specific action.


A favourite feature for many marketers, the Hubspot workflow tool allows you to set rules and triggers based on your specific circumstances - to save you time by automating manual processes and providing prospects and customers with better experiences. Openside Digital also has a number of automations we can apply to your business straight away that often see immediate results.

Paid Ad Tracking

Manage all your paid advertising campaigns directly from Hubspot. Target your ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Create look alike audiences, re-targeting groups and then attribute any new leads or sales back to the specific campaigns, allowing you to clearly see what is driving conversions and revenue.

Social Media Integration and Management

Plan and schedule all your posts directly on Hubspot.

Reporting and Dashboards

One of Hubspot's strengths is its out-of-the-box, customisable reporting. With hundreds of templates to choose from, you will have more than enough information, presented in a number of graphical formats to make super-informed decisions. 

Because the Marketing Hub is an integral part of the Hubspot CRM, data is at the centre of all marketing functionality - attributable back to every individual contact, all the while providing a holistic view of each marketing campaign. 

Hubspot Sales Automation Streamlining sales processes with Sales Hub

Hubspot Sales Tools

Sales Hub is the powerful sales component of the Hubspot CRM that provides sales teams and management with the tools to automate the sales process, find bottlenecks and manage clients through the sales cycle.  It lets the numbers do the talking and provides senior management with the information to make informed decisions.

There is an inbound sales dashboard which includes tools such as lead activity notes, performance tracking, deal forecasts, meeting links, email templates and more. It essentially makes marketing and sales alignment totally effortless, ensuring the incoming leads are well qualified and ready to convert.  

Hubspot Service Hub 
Fine tune your customer service

Hubspot Service Tools

These days customers and clients expect service and answers quickly - usually in minutes, 24 hours a day via any number of different channels. To meet these demands it is not uncommon for businesses to use a number of tech solutions, and they often don't talk to each other.  Hubspot offers a number of key servicing tools under the one roof. These include:


CSAT (Customer satisfaction surveys)

Getting feedback on specific products and services.

CES (Customer support surveys)

How did clients rate your support services?

NPS (Net Promoter Score)

Customer loyalty survey - are your customers likely to recommend your business's products or services?

Ticketing System

Ensures you capture, manage and resolve customer or client issues.

Knowledge Base

A self-service resource library for your customers to find answers about your business and its products and services. 

The Service Hub brings all your customer service data and channels together in one place, and helps scale your support through automation and self-service. Because it all resides on one platform, it also connects back to each contact's record to inform future targeting, automation and decision making.  

Hubspot CMS
Allows you to harness all the Hubspot tools seamlessly

While providing the traditional features of a traditional Content Management Systems (CMS), Hubspot's CMS goes way further by harnessing the power of the Marketing, Sales and Service Hubs to really power up the effectiveness of your website. Don't believe us? Check out some of the following tools offered by the Hubspot CMS :

Design Manager

You get all the tools you need to build a beautiful website and have the ability to easily edit your content, upload files manage your images and videos. 

HubSpot CMS Asset Marketplace 

Design your own or download pre-made templates from professional designers. Create custom modules which can be applied across multiple templates. 


For creating dynamic data driven content which is easy to manage and edit. If you want to manage data via APIs, this is your tool - it even has it's own API.

Drag-and-drop publishing

You don't have a developer? Don't worry! The Hubspot CMS is built for non-developers in mind. Whether its new web pages, landing pages, CTAs, or pop-up forms - it's all super easy to do get brilliant results - quickly.

Personalisation and smart content

Hubspot offers the use of "smart content and personalisation tokens" These allow you to personalise content based on the needs of your customer, or where they sit within the buyers journey. It also allows you to target specific content based on any information have stored about your contacts within your Hubspot CRM.  e.g. what content a male sees on your website could be very different to what females see. 

Advanced optimisation, SEO, and content strategy tools

Say goodbye to third-party SEO tools - Hubspot CMS has it all integrated. It also has the tools to optimise all your content with it's own topic clustering content strategy tool. 

Reporting & website analytics

A Hubspot strong point! You will have access to more reports and dashboards than you could ever need! 

Content staging

Create, test and release. 

When it comes to hosting, Hubspot gets an A+

For speed, security and reliability. Owning it's own Content Delivery Network (CDN) and applying cutting edge tech to make your page load faster means better results for the user and Google. SSL and security specialists together with redundancy come as part of the deal. 


Unparalleled support

Chat, Email, HubSpot Community, and 24/7 Phone Support - Hubspot support can't, and won't, be beaten.

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