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The 3Min digital hit - warning from apple

Updated: May 2, 2022

Apple issued a pretty headline-worthy warning over the weekend that we wanted to pass along: Keep your iPhone a good distance from your pacemaker.

Apparently, iPhones contain magnets and radios that emit electromagnetic fields, both of which "may interfere" with medical devices such as implanted pacemakers and defibrillators, Apple said.

The company recommends keeping iPhones and MagSafe chargers a "safe distance" away from medical devices — that is, more than 15cm away, or 40cm when wirelessly charging. The notice from Apple warns users specifically about iPhone 12 models, which contain more magnets than earlier models.

GOOGLE SEARCH RESULTS IN AUGMENTED REALITY 3D!? – Yes, you heard it here! Google are trialing returning augmented reality 3D models of cars. It’s being tested at the moment with Porsche and Volvo and the returned model is scarily detailed!

ONLINE MEDIA SPEND – returning to pre-pandemic levels. All social platforms are up, with Instagram stories being a standout for that platform – now 33% of their revenue.

HAS A SUBSTITUTE FOR COOKIES BEEN FOUND? Google says it may have found a privacy-friendly substitute to cookies. Google said new test results show promising signs that the technology it's hoping will replace cookie-based ad targeting is working.

Why it matters: Google and web browser rivals Apple and Mozilla have all introduced sweeping privacy changes recently that will collectively phase out cookies, an internet tracking tool that tracks users' web browsing history. Read more.

DO YOU USE POP-UPS ON YOUR WEBSITE TO GATHER DETAILS? You know, where the user must click the X to get rid of it. If you are using it on mobile then get rid of it - unless it really does provide good results - like generating new leads…. Google will start penalising you for it. That does not mean you will drop off the front page of search results, you just might not be as high as you could be.

TWITTER NEWS - Twitter launched a new tool to combat misinformation called Birdwatch.

The tool, is a “community-driven pilot project”, which allows participating users in the United States to create "notes" for a given tweet that will exist for now on a separate part of Twitter's website. Notes that contribute to a consensus on whether a post is misleading may "eventually" be shown directly on tweets, the company said in a blog post.

DID YOU KNOW - Facebook users’ phone numbers are for sale through a Telegram bot? Yep, 533 million of them at $20 each, unless you’re buying in bulk. It has all been done via a Facebook vulnerability that was patched in 2019.

NEED HELP WITH CREATING THOSE TIKTOK VIDEOS? (that platform due to reach 1.2 billion users this year!) Head to the new ‘ Tiktok Creator Portal ’ which includes a bunch of helpful tutorials and best practice guides.



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