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Website Development

Wild Dispensary Shopify site

Creating beautiful websites for businesses

20+ years of website building experience means Openside Digital knows what it takes to make your business website stand out. Whether you need a new website or an upgrade, we can provide you with the best solution and result.

CASE STUDIES | Jobs we and our designers have worked on in the past

Bring your business website to life with our professional website design services

At Openside Digital we use a variety of website building platforms including Hubspot, SilverStripe, WIX, Shopify and Wordpress. 

We design and build large websites that include thousands of pages and millions of visitors to smaller websites, and ecommerce sites for SMEs.



A systemised, yet customised approach to your website build 


We start by helping you understand your target audience. This is done through customer research and building personas which include concise value propositions. We constantly refer back to these when making design and marketing decisions. 


We base our designs on a mix of analytics, user research and insights This ensures a fantastic, highly intuitive result is attained, based on key requirements of both your business and visitors to your site. 

With access to incredibly talented designers, we create skillfully crafted sites that make you stand out from your competition. We run an iterative UI design process which allows you as the client to have input along the design and build journey.

Depending on the size of the project, we precede the development stage by providing you with a clickable prototype, allowing you to 'test drive' the site and ensure it functions as you expect. This ensures you get exactly what you expect and minimises any chance of disappointment.




We define your website requirements and ensure there is a clear plan that we communicate to you on an ongoing basis. While sometimes this can get a bit technical, we aim to make sure we relay it in a way you can easily understand.


Ever heard of the latest front-end technologies such as React Native, Tailwind CSS, Firestore, JavaScript, ReactJS? Don't worry - leave that to us. We know how to use the latest tools to deliver the best results.

Openside Digital also has exceptional back-end development capability. Database driven websites and apps can be developed with APIs created to maximise the use of third party integrations. This leads to stable, scalable solutions that you can be super confident in. 

Together with weekly WIPs calls, we provide ongoing monthly support and reporting to ensure you are kept up to date with progress. We pride ourselves on good communication. 




With a wide range of technical and marketing grunt, you are not left to fend for yourselves when you launch your new website. We have a range of tools, tips and techniques to help you hit the ground running. Whether it's making sure you're segmenting correctly, targeting the right audiences or getting quick runs on the board, we're here to help. 


We also offer services that help you to connect with your key target audiences and focus on growth. We have SEO and sales funnel specialists, and also run paid advertising campaigns for a variety of clients across Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram (Meta).


At Openside Digital we also have one of New Zealand's best conversion rate optimisation gurus on our staff. If you need a partner that understands how to make digital channels work for you then you have come to the right place.



David provided great knowledge, support and contacts for us to achieve our desired outcomes. Would highly recommend.

A seamless experience from original concept to going live, Openside Digital were always professional and keen to take on board our specific requirements. I would say Openside Digital has the balance right between offering expertise and listening to the clients' wishes. The end result is an attractive, informative website that achieves the desired image but with other features that go beyond what the layperson would ask for or think of.

Openside has done a fantastic job meeting our needs in a very ambiguous and immature organisation

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